ATTN: Emotional Eaters, Bingers and Defeated Dieters

Harness the Power of Medical Cannabis to Address Binge Eating and Breakthrough to Your Ideal Weight

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Learn how Cannabis, including Hemp Oil, can potentially…

  • Address emotional eating without the high and munchies 
  • Stabilize your weight and finally shift your body frustration  
  • Treat the stress and anxiety driving your binge eating 
  • Lift the food obsession keeping your stuck and defeated 
  • Create a new-found balance with body, mind and spirit  
  • Calm your nervous system and help achieve ease with your food 

I’ve helped 1,000’s of clients, just like you, end their ongoing struggles to achieve FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND with their food, weight and body.”

About Zoë

Zoë Rabinowitz, is an internationally known Eating Disorders and Weight Management Specialist and advocate of medicinal cannabis. She has helped 1000's of clients, like you, achieve ease with food, weight and body acceptance. As an Integrative Therapist, she is the “go to” therapist for those ready to breakthrough.

Zoë goes beyond talk therapy to work with your subconscious mind to change limiting and sabotaging beliefs. Her cutting-edge tools, including EFT/tapping, have healed the most complex food issues…including her own. Her personal story brings hope and inspiration to those who are still suffering. 

Zoë Rabinowitz, MSW, ACSW, MEd, BDiv Cannabis for Food and Weight Freedom “Honoring the Blend of Medicinal Cannabis and Integrative Psychotherapy”  

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